The Skincare, Makeup, and Beauty Tools I Love


I hooked several more older blog posts into SEO today. One was my perspective on aging. You can read that post here: This is a companion post to that one. This blog post is a list of the skincare/makeup/tools I love. I’m going to list my favorite products by category and the brands/colors will be included with each product Using these products is one I show myself care because of my dermatitis, sensitive skin, and allergies and all of these products are hypoallergenic. This is a pricy list to buy all at once, so I only buy products, on this list as needed, so I can use the products that work best for me and do so in a fiscally responsible manner.

Skin Care:

  1. Cleanser/makeup remover/toner: Purity Made Simple by Philosophy
  2. Moisturizer: Moisture Surge by Clinique
  3. Deep Comfort Body Butter by Clinique
  4. Superbalm Lip Treatment by Clinique


  1. Super Balanced Makeup 05 Vanilla by Clinique
  2. Conceal the deal concealer in the shade cashew by Lawless
  3. Summer Skin Velvet Matte Bronzer in Golden Hour by Lawless
  4. The Once and Done Volumizing Mascara by Lawless: this doesn’t have a shade there is only one choice
  5. Lucid Skin Highlighter by Lawless: this also only has one choice for shade
  6. Almost Lipstick in both black and pink honey by Clinique
  7. Lip Color + primer in 02 bare pop by Clinique
  8. All About Shadow Eye Shadow Quad in Teddy Bear and Going Steady (my go-to most often) both by Clinique
  9. Chubby Tint for Eyes in Big Blue by Clinique
  10. Ink Well Gel Eye Liner in black, purple, and navy by Laura Geller
  11. Translucent Mineral Powder by Physicians Formula

Tools/Makeup Brushes:

1. Powder brush by Clinique

2. Eye Liner Brush and Eye Shadow Brush by Merle Norman

3. Miracle Complexion Beauty Sponge Makeup Blender by Real Techniques

I’ll update this list if something on it is discontinued or I find products that work better for me.

2 comments on “The Skincare, Makeup, and Beauty Tools I Love”

    1. Agreed. Everything on this list are the products and tools I actually use. The lawless bronzer became my go-to blush in the summer heat. It’s still pretty hot here in Georgia, USA, so it still at the moment. In addition, I love it as blush for what I call “ten minute makeup” and I’ll use as part of that all year long. Thanks for reading & commenting I appreciate it! ~Stacey

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