Why Learning to be Intentional is Important

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The last couple of years brought lots of changes for the entire world, obviously. However, 2021 brought its own difficulties and changes for me. I got to thinking about the end of the year today and wanted to share with you all one good change 2021 brought for me. What is it you ask? Intention. What do I mean? Going through difficult circumstances impacts everybody differently.

The difficulties of 2021 for me brought with them a chance to think about what I was doing in every aspect of my life. My intention is the way I characterize it. The definition of intention is “purpose or attitude toward the effect of one’s actions or conduct” (www.dictionary.com). That definition is apt for the way that I changed my life this year. I started to think about everything I do in my life differently. Then I made changes to better my self-care. I hope some of the changes I describe below can help you be more intentional as well.

  1. Cutting ties with some people was needed
  2. Becoming aware of how I spend my time and energy mattered too. I made changes to the way I managed my time to be more productive in my work, so I could get more rest
  3. Unfollowing accounts on social media that drain my energy and don’t contribute to my wellbeing is helpful as well
  4. I also primarily only use social media for my work (this blog) now. Connection with those who matter to me comes through either actual conversation, texts, or calls. All my important conversations happen away from social media, now
  5. Also managing my free time better and protecting my energy is also important. Saying no has become vital to me

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