How to Honor Those We’ve Lost That we Love

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My Aunt Judy’s transition to Heaven got me thinking how do we honor those we love who are no longer here. I have several ideas because I want to make my life count in honor of Aunt Judy, Kirk, and Granny. Living in a way that makes them proud is important to me. I also don’t want to have any regrets when at the end of my life, either. My ideas are below. I hope they inspire you to live well for the people you love that are no physically here.

  1. Tell the people who matter to you that they do every chance you get. When I say everybody, I mean EVERYBODY who is important to you.
  2. Say I love you to those you do often.
  3. ALWAYS show up for the people who matter to you
  4. Dream big: bigger than seems possible and do the work to make those dreams reality
  5. Take chances: don’t allow fear to stop you from doing anything. In other words: be brave.
  6. Only buy stuff you need and stuff you love
  7. Have comfort food and/or dessert every so often
  8. Take the dream trip if you can
  9. Make memories
  10. Take pictures, but also be present by putting your phone and camera down as well
  11. Find what brings/gives you joy and do it on purpose frequently
  12. Err on the side of love and kindness with everybody who comes across your path…ALWAYS
  13. Help somebody else every time the chance presents itself
  14. Listen to those who have different views and stories and learn from them
  15. Practice gratitude daily

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