How to Deal With Trolls Well

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On Tuesday, I got my second Instagram troll. She commented on my reel. It was a reminder for everyone who saw my reel to take care of themselves and stay as healthy as possible. All the other comments were thanking me for the reminder. The troll’s wasn’t. She asked everybody that wasn’t me if I was blind. Saying she knew it was bad to ask but doing it anyway. Not even using my name she said is she blind. It was clear I didn’t warrant her using my name as far as she’s concerned. Taking the comment down instead of giving her a response was the right thing to do at the time. For the record: I am not blind just nearsighted.

Because I want to always turn negatives in my life into positives, I thought I would share tips on how to deal with trolls with all of you. They are below:

  1. Take a deep breath and take down the comment
  2. Don’t engage: engagement is what the trolls want.
  3. Remember who you are. You are a unique and are here for a reason
  4. Talk to somebody who loves you and can remind you how loved you are
  5. Take a break from social media if you need to
  6. Do something that relaxes you to take your mind of the experience
  7. If you get the chance use your experience to help somebody else

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