How to not Getting Overwhelmed in These Trying Times

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I know there is a lot of scary and uncertainty in the world right now. It got me thinking how do we stay positive and make the world better with all the scary? I have some suggestions. I hope these help you all feel a little less overwhelmed. The positive blog posts and videos from m will keep coming as well. This community is created to be a positive place where everybody is welcome. We all need all the positivity we can get, and I promise to keep it up. The suggestions below are in no order.

  1. If you pray do so for the people of Ukraine
  2. Find organizations that are working to help the people of Ukraine in the coming weeks and months and donate if you are able. I will put together a list as I find some reputable organizations and share with all of you. I’ll post them here when I find them.
  3. Donate time or money to organizations in your community that help those in need. Those organizations always need both volunteers and money to help them run well. These organizations have been hit hard by the pandemic so if you are able, please help
  4. Reach out to those you love and matter to you and let them know they do. Ask them how they are and let them know you are there for them whenever they need you. Allow them to be there for you too. No one should tackle life alone
  5. If you have pets: give them extra love because I promise they’ll give the love back to you. Their love and affection will make you calmer
  6. Do something that relaxes you. If you like to take a bath, do that. Reading relaxes me and if it does you as well read something you love. Listening to music is also a great relaxation option
  7. Give yourself space to feel what you feel. Don’t bottle it up. Let it out. Cry or write it down in a journal
  8. Don’t watch, read, or listen to so much news that you get anxious. Be informed but take care of your mental health too.
  9. Try your best to believe things will get better
  10. Be kind and gentle to everyone you meet

I hope these tips help you all feel less overwhelmed.

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