Why Having to Take PE Made my Life Better

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When I was in high school, my school district had two options for students to take. One was college prep track, and the other was a technical track. those students who wanted to take the college prep track had to take PE…even me who couldn’t do what the other kids did physically. My PE teacher and I worked out an agreement that I would do my video of sit down exercises every day to make up for what I couldn’t do with the other students.

I went out to the track when my classmates did and just soaked up sunshine while they walked or ran laps. When it was time to go to the weight room once a week I came along and did the machines I could sitting down. I enjoy PE. It was a chance to get out from behind my desk. however, what made PE so special, and my life better wasn’t any kind of physical exertion. It was my guy friends who were all in that class.

Those guys give me a place to land. They made me sing along to the song sweet home Alabama in the weight room. That song still makes me smile and think of us goofing around. Laughter until my stomach hurts is what I remember most besides the place to land. In case you’re wondering those guys are still a part of my life today. All five of them are my chosen brothers and we get through life together well. the kind of friendships we have only got stronger with time. I do my best every day to make those guys proud of me and let them know that I’m just as proud of them. It’s a pleasure to be their sister and a privilege I won’t ever take for granted. I just want to say publicly: I love you boys. Thank you for all of it every day.

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