Why Together is Important For A Beautiful Life

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Being an only child by birth all I wanted was siblings. It seems so great to have people who play with you, give you a place to land after a grueling day, and protect you when you need it. I often prayed for siblings. God heard those prayers and answered. I was given friends who became family instead of actual siblings. We are a family in every way that matters. Having seen each other at our best, worse, and everything in between we trust each other completely.

What makes chosen family special? It is the choice to love each other. We do not have to love each other, but we chose to love each other through all of life’s difficulties. Our mantra is together. On any difficult day I can reach out to anyone of my chosen family and at the end of the conversation they will remind me that we are in this together and there is nothing we cannot manage together. That mantra has gotten me through some of the worst days of my life. My chosen siblings make me brave because I know that I have people to lean on if my bravery does not go well.

Their support makes it possible for me to tell you all my story. Knowing they believe in me allows me to create the life then I can only dream about before. To take my dream life from dream to reality: a life where I tell my story and combine my political science training to support myself. I could not do it without them. Thriving with my condition? Not a chance it happens without them cheering me on. Chosen family and together help make all this possible and helps me create the biggest most beautiful life possible for myself because going through life together means the only limits that exist are the ones in my mind.

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