How to Overcome Self-Doubt

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When I decided to change the direction of my life, guilt creeped in as did doubt. Had I let my mentors and everybody who loves me down? What if it didn’t work? Did I have anything worth sharing with the world? The questions and work required were daunting. How did I get over the doubts in my head you ask? Well, to be honest some days I still have doubts. Jumping in and taking a leap of faith was the first way to quit focusing on the doubts. Trusting God, setting up a website and the first social media page were the initial steps. Then writing the first blog post also helped calm my nerves.

The next way to quit focusing on the doubts in my head was to talk through them with my brother and journey partner. That always helps. We talk things through and after we’ve talked through whatever is bothering both of us, we pray together giving our anxiety and worry to God. It calms my mind and spirit. Then my brother/journey and I remind each other we believe in each other and love the other. Making sure we both know we have each other’s backs…always.

A love of learning has been with me my entire life. After starting my blog, I found out there were successful bloggers who were willing to share their knowledge with others. In a happy twist, most of this knowledge is given for free. I took as many classes as I could. In fact, I still do because I want to become the best blogger and content creator I can. It helps to learn from my audience too. Asking what they want to know about is a way to come up with content I know people will interact with. These two avenues for learning help me block out the doubt because I know I’m getting better at my job using these two techniques. By writing about my own experience dealing with self-doubt and doing my best to overcome it, I hope it helps you all do the same when self-doubt creeps in.

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