How to Overcome Writer’s Block Part 2

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I find myself struggling with writer’s block again. It’s a surprise because I generally don’t struggle with ideas. In fact, it’s usually the opposite. Having so many ideas floating around in my head, I keep a running list of ideas for blog posts on my laptop. Every once in a while though writer’s block creeps in. This leads to self doubt. I have more ideas for overcoming writer’s block. They are below. My hope is they help you no matter what you write.

  1. Simply make up your mind to write instead of putting off.
  2. Shonda Rimes said on Instagram today “that deadlines help her write better.” I liked that, so my advice is give yourself deadlines even if you don’t have one to keep yourself on track
  3. Having a weekly content calendar is helpful, so I know what I’m going to write about before. I just make a table in Word with the days of the week and fill it in. Word is easier than Excel for this in my opinion, but Excel works better for you in terms of spread sheets by all means use it
  4. Actually take time to fill in your weekly content calendar. I will admit I often forget to do so. Will try to do better
  5. Don’t be too hard on yourself when dealing with writer’s block. Everybody who writes goes through it. You are not the only one. I promise.
  6. My writer’s block always pops up when I don’t get enough sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep will help
  7. Get outside for a while if the weather’s nice

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