Why Mistakes are Important for a Beautiful Life

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When I decided to change my life and work into something that would make me happier, I thought I was letting everyone I love down. I didn’t want my life to be a disappointment. Wondering if I was making a mistake even crossed my mind.

What I’ve learned about mistakes in the 2+ years since I changed my life is that they are necessary to having a great life. They teach us lessons we need to learn. Mistakes teach us more about ourselves then when we get things right. I learned to pick myself up when I mess up and try again tomorrow in the last two years than I ever had before.

Working or not being too hard on myself when I make a mistake it’s going to take some time to learn. It’s just as a valuable lesson as any of the others this journey has taught me. The change in perspective on mistakes is a gift from God because I’m way too hard on myself and can use my perspective to help others as well. That’s the most important thing to me now is to help others have a better life.

Hopefully the way I look at mistakes now will be helpful to some of you to give yourselves a break and look at mistakes as steppingstones to something better. That’s all we can really do every day, try to be better than the day before. The rest I found has a way of working itself out.

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