Why I do not Need Healing to Have a Beautiful Life

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Healing is a word that comes up frequently when people have a conversation with me. Most of the time conversations about me needing healing comes from strangers. I’m sure they mean well but it hurts. The strangers to say I need healing are only seeing my chair and not me. They are seeing when I can’t do and not what I can.

Do I think that God could heal me? Absolutely. God and I have had this conversation many times. I think I am the way I am not as a punishment from God but because I’m supposed to help people. First by changing the conversation around my condition and what people with CP can do. In addition, I believe I’m supposed to help people overcome their own challenges by showing that I overcome my own.

Last week I got a message from someone telling me I should take vitamins to heal myself. They suggested a certain type of vitamin. I erased the message instead of responding. What the sender of the message didn’t know is that I already take vitamins to feel better and I do feel much better. I feel like myself, again, because of the vitamin regimen. Vitamin B6 and vitamin E are the vitamins I take daily.

My chosen family and I have worked very hard to get me to a place where a I feel comfortable in my skin CP, flaws, and all. Most days I do feel comfortable. The days that I don’t are often days when people tell me I need healing. I wish they knew I have a full life and it’s beautiful. They won’t because they only see my chair and other adaptive equipment instead of me. Refusing to let those who say I need healing get me down is exactly what I plan to do by living my life to the fullest continually and helping others overcome their own challenges through my work.

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