How to Put More Kindness in the World

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I was always taught to treat people with kindness from the time I was little. My mom always wanted me to treat everyone the same. It is something that I try to do every day. Being on social media so much for the blog has reminded me that not everybody was taught to treat everyone with kindness. Yesterday on a Twitter feed, I was shocked at the level of vivitrol from people who don’t even know each other.

I’m aware that Twitter trolls exist but I don’t get many of them because I only post uplifting tweets and other content. Seeing that Twitter feed yesterday got me thinking. How do we become kinder to each other? How do we remember that we are all human and doing the best we can to get through life well? I have some ideas. First we think about how we want to be treated and do our best to treat others the same way. If you wouldn’t want somebody to do it to you do your best to not do it to others. Secondly, before you are ugly to someone take a deep breath and try to let kindness and compassion rule instead of more negative emotions. The third way we trying to become kinder to each other ,I think, is to do something kind for someone who can’t do anything in return.

What do I mean? Buy food and take it to the local food bank for someone in need. purchase school supplies for children in need for the upcoming school year if your area has a drive to collect school supplies. In other words, just get out of our own heads and our selfish tendencies every once in a while. Remembering and doing something for those less fortunate increases gratitude for our own blessings and ultimately I think makes us kinder. After yesterday, I will try to be kinder going forward and I hope you all will too and that these suggestions help you do just that.

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