How to Heal From Trauma and Why It’s Important

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Today I want to talk about healing from trauma. In this case when I say trauma, I mean emotional trauma. I cannot speak on physical trauma healing because I have never experienced physical trauma, so I am not even going to try. Healing from emotional trauma is in some ways more complicated because it cannot be seen. The scars are on the inside. The first step to healing from emotional trauma is to acknowledge the trauma itself. for a long time, this was hard for me. I shoved it down and did not talk about it. Thanks to my big chosen brother he made me acknowledge the pain and scars and name them. Giving my trauma a name was hugely freeing.

at that point, it sunk in. the trauma was not my fault, and it did not make me a bad person. I will always be grateful to my chosen big brother for helping me see the truth. I think those of us healing from trauma need people to hold space for us and get us to see the truth. The second step to healing from trauma is to understand that it is not our fault, and we are not bad people. writing my experience down, in some degree, on a blog post really helped me. I know not everybody blogs, but I would suggest writing your experience down just to get it out and lay it down.

Helping somebody else deal with their own trauma is really a solid way to process your own. Sometimes people don’t need a solution. They just need someone to understand and be there for them. It is amazing how good it feels when you can pay it forward to someone else. The other part of healing that I want to talk about is knowing that you will be OK not tomorrow but eventually you will be OK because you’re still here, breathing, and have a life to live. I hope these tips help you if you need to heal from your own trauma and I want you all to know that I am always here to talk if you need me to listen.

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