How to Let Grace Lead on the Journey of Faith

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If you have followed this blog for a while, you know that I have been on a faith transformation journey. I think that journey might take the rest of my life, but I have some more thoughts about how we let grace lead. It is so important to let grace lead the lives of faith that we undertake as Christians. Here’s what that looks at least for now:

1. We loudly admit we screw up. We show the world that Christianity isn’t about perfection/holier than thou. It’s about Grace, forgiveness, and love.

2. We raise/treat girls and women as equals worthy of respect and dignity.

3.  We teach girls that they can do anything they wish.

4. We have open honest discussions about hard topics when we are asked

5. We really live the principle of love your neighbor as yourself

6. We ALWAYS err on the side of Grace, love, and tolerance.

I am God’s child who is a,fierce believer that the God I serve wants me to be a wife and mother in the future. I also believe God wants me to use every one of my gifts to change the world.   God wants me to share my experiences with the world because it will help others. That is what I’m trying to do every day to the best of my abilities. I get it wrong a lot, but I just ask for forgiveness and try to do better tomorrow which is all any of us can really do. We don’t need to be perfect, as Christians, because perfect was already sent we just need to be ourselves and use our gifts to the best of our abilities.

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