Why Community and Together is Important

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Together is the most important word in my life. It is how I thrive through life well. We are not meant to go through life alone. Community is essential to thriving in for everybody. Why do I think doing life together is so important? Together has gotten me through all of my tough days. Knowing there are people in my phone who I can call or text anytime and they are available to me is priceless.

Together allows the tough days not to be so hard because other people share the burden with you. One of the questions I often get about the concept of doing life with my chosen family Is wondering If together is difficult. Together is not difficult but it does take a tremendous amount of vulnerability and trust. It requires letting people in.

We know that there is not a thing we can’t get through together. My chosen family make me a better person every day because they push me to be myself and allow me to do the same for them. I know that not everybody has a condition

That vulnerability leads to deep connection. It also leads to knowing people inside and out. I don’t question whether my chosen family loves me because I know they do and I love them. Vulnerability creates that certainty as does time.

I know not everybody has a condition or a serious diagnosis. Life gets hard nonetheless. I hope you will open yourself up to the possibility of community if you don’t have one around you after reading this and if you do have one I hope you’re grateful and hang onto those very special people a little tighter.

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