How to be Vulnerable With Those you Love

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I am working on being more comfortable and more vulnerable around the people who love me. My default is to say I am OK when I am not. I do not want to burden anybody with my problems because life is hard for everybody. what I am learning is that by being vulnerable with the people who love me it opens them up to be vulnerable with me when they need to. It is a mutually beneficial way to be, so we do not have to bear the burden of life alone.

 I want to give you all some tips on how to be vulnerable with the people who matter to you if you struggle to do that like I do sometimes. They are below and in no order.

  1. Remember that the people you are opening up to love you and you are safe to do so with them
  2. The more you practice being vulnerable with people who love you the easier it will be
  3. Remember it is better for your physical health if you do not bottle things up that are bothering you.
  4. It is also a positive for your mental health to not bottle things up either
  5. Remember feeling emotions is a superpower not a weakness
  6. Start slow when you are opening up. Start with one person and then work up to more people if necessary.
  7. Give people a chance to be vulnerable with you and open up because watching and listening to them we will help you do the same.
  8. It also helps vulnerability to write down what you are feeling and going through so that you are more used to having the necessary conversations when need be. The bonus of writing it down first is that whatever you write down is private and you can decide what to share later.

I hope these tips help you feel better being vulnerable with those you love.

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