Why Setting Boundaries is Important

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Last week I was talking to mom and she said something profound I want to share with all of you and talk about. She said, “Stop giving people access to you that only show up for you at their convenience.” I took that in. Mom thinks I’m getting used by certain people in my life.

I immediately asked myself how to start fixing the problem. As someone who wants to helps those she loves anytime I’m asked, I knew this was going to take some work on my part. The first thing I did was let my frustration be known to the people who needed to know. After that, I decided to give myself space from those people until they apologize for hurting me. It is difficult for me to set such a boundary but I did.

The lesson I’m learning that I want to share with you all is that setting boundaries isn’t selfish. Instead it is a form of self care. We all deserve good people in our lives are there for us anytime we need them and vice versa. It is not selfish to expect that. It is a sign of growth to do so. Please know what you deserve and set boundaries accordingly to help build the life you want. Your future self will thank you.

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