Why Overcoming Food Challenges to be Healthy and Well is Important


Many people with CP have food challenges. By challenges, I mean food texture issues. Am I immune to this CP side effect? Obviously, from the title of this post the answer is no. Thankfully my food texture aversions are mild. Watermelon, okra, oranges, and egg yolks are my biggest ones. I do have an added challenge when it comes to food aversion: my overly sensitive nose. Doctors believe because of the brain damage resulting in CP, my brain compensated by giving me an extra sensitive nose and dog like sensitive ears.

Both my food texture issues, and my sensitive nose make eating healthy more of a challenge. Knowing that I wanted to make being healthy and well a priority that I could stick to this time, pushing through both of those challenges are vital. How do I do this I thought? My answer came easy: your steely determination. I told myself I was going to try foods that before I have had an aversion to and see what happened. Mama tells me often that taste changed over the years, so I thought I would try it.

Mama is right. I am right too. My tastes have changed. Some things have not changed in the food aversion department, however. Okra is still slimy. Raw tomatoes still smelled terrible to me. I have solutions to most of my food aversions now. Okra I still will not eat. I will keep trying but for now no thank you. Raw tomatoes by themselves are still and no thank you from me as well. Cooked tomatoes I love in a recipe. Salsa and Pico de Gallo are big thumbs up for me. my liking salsa and Pico de Gallo should be a surprise to no one who knows me well because Mexican food is my favorite kind of cuisine.

Egg yolks are no problem because scrambled eggs and omelets I am an enthusiastic fan of. Oranges are not a problem anymore if the orange in question is a cutie. Those do not have seeds, strings, or much pulp. the lesson here is to just keep trying and if something does not work one way there is another way to do it… always. The other lesson is to not be so hard on ourselves when the original goal that we intended to reach is not met. There is always room for revision of goals and a way to meet every goal set.

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  1. This is a great topic to hear about! I’m probably the LEAST picky eater I know. I love all foods. Fruits, veggies and international foods. Growing up one of my pet peeves was a picky eater. It’s great to hear more about why people choose not to eat things. What is the background for their choices.

    Food aversions are something I’ve also thought could be better for you! Since I love to eat all kinds of foods I’ll equally eat healthy food and unhealthy food. (Working on my own relationships to food also) Any way thank you for your perspective. Much appreciated.

    1. Thank you for your comments. I appreciate the feedback. I’m working through my challenging relationship with food. Thanks for reading as well.

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