How to Give Myself a Break When Needed

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I’ve always tried to do my best to thrive with my condition…even before I knew that’s what I was doing. I have never wanted my condition to slow me down. I want to go full steam all the time. Being there the best way I know how for everybody who matters to me is important. I want them to know they are valued by me at all times. I want to be a good everything I set out to be. I’m a perfectionist, which I know full well isn’t possible.

Inevitably my condition will, sometimes, throw a wrench into my plans. What do I mean? The past couple of days my tone has been higher than I would like. Sometimes, with my kind of CP that’s just the case. I think it’s probably because I had bronchitis, but it’s just no fun. I’m really hard on myself on days like the last two. The question then becomes how do I give myself a break? In no particular order here’s what I do:

1. taking a half of my doctor prescribed muscle relaxer is the first line of defense when my tone is too high. When I can relax my body I’m not as hard on myself because I feel better.

2. taking a few deep breaths is helpful

3. saying a prayer is helpful because it calms me down

4. putting on one of my favorite albums is always helpful

5. reaching out to those who know and love me best helps because they listen and remind me I’m doing better than I think.

6. hot coffee also relaxes me… always has. Mom thinks it has to do with the heat of the coffee.

7. exercise is also helpful to get my muscles warm and allow them to move better

8. a good night’s sleep or a nap also helps

I hope some of the things that I do to help give myself a break help you all too because self-care is really important.

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