Tips for a Healthier Relationship with Social Media and Cell Phones for you and Those You Love

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After Thanksgiving 2018 mama, dad, and I went to Tennessee to see family. It was more than just a visit for the holiday season, however.  My mama’s oldest sister (my aunt) had just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s like her mama (granny) before her. Aunt Judy had mama tell me of her diagnosis and her move to an assisted living. I already knew because the signs were there. A few days later: I got a phone call from Aunt Judy to talk through my feelings. I am the youngest of granny and granddaddy Earl’s grandchildren…by a wide margin. She knew I would probably have the biggest feelings to process, too. I did. That trip was incredibly difficult.

I came home changed. Processing was my greatest priority. My last social media post on my personal Facebook was New Year’s Eve 2018. Originally intended to be a short break from social media, turned into a very long break. I came back to social media September 28, 2019. Also known as the day I launched this blog. Blogging requires a social media presence. I set out to have a healthier relationship with it, however. In addition, a healthier relationship with my cell is what blogging required of me, too. I thought I would share what works for me in these relationships with all of you. They are part of my health and wellness journey as well as how I show myself self-care.

The tips go together but I will denote the ones specifically for my cell on the list below.

  1. Those who are publicly known whom I choose to follow on social media are those who inspire me or enrich my life with their artistry or journalism
  2. I do not discuss politics on social media
  3. My social media accounts are a place of positivity where everyone is respected, loved, valued, and valid
  4. I do not get into arguments on social media
  5. I do not sleep with my cell so I can get as much restorative sleep as possible
  6. My cell is in my pocket on do not disturb during meals and when others are having face to face conversations with me as a sign of respect and in an effort to be present

I hope these tips are as helpful to each one of you as they have been and continue to be to me.

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