Why Intention is Important in my Life for 2023

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2022 taught me so many lessons and made me grow in immeasurable ways. It was the hardest year of my life personally and the best professionally. People on social media started talking about their word for 2023 two weeks ago. A word that was going to define the new year for them. I have never had a word to define any particular year. I never considered it a possibility. 15 days into the new year I realize for the first time in my life I have a word to define 2023 for me. it is certainly not something I set out to do on purpose. It happened organically.

What is my word you ask? Intention. 2023 is all about intention in every aspect of my life. One of the biggest lessons last year taught me was I only have so much time in a day and so much energy to use. Of course, we all have those limitations, but having CP makes those limitations more acute. My kind of CP makes me tired more easily, then people without CP, because movement requires more intentional thought and energy on my part. In other words, I must think about what my body needs to do for a particular movement a good bit of the time. Some movement is easy because I do the movement and task every day. Those movement and task do not take as much energy as those I have to think about to complete.

Intention started to impact every aspect of my life in the new year once I realized what was happening. At first, it was not conscious. Knowing I wanted to have a smoother, healthier, more well, selfcare, focused year in terms of aspects of life I could control morphed into intention in every aspect of my life. Removing toxic people, setting firm boundaries, making time for daily exercise, regular meals consisting of real food, meditation, journaling, prayer, and connection with all the people I love has become priority. I will talk more about the intentional part of my work this year in future post(s). I am a better blogger and content creator when I have more intention as well. Ideas come easier and much more frequently now that I have more intention over the parts of my life I can control. Do you all have a word or focus for 2023? If so, what is it? I would love to know.

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